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It's hard to know whose opinion to trust, especially when it comes to our kids. So we’ve brought together a rich variety of experts from the worlds of education, gaming, child development, online safety, technology, family therapy and more to add professional knowledge and experience to the conversation.

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Vivien de Tusch-Lec

Software/app development London, GB
Mobile app publisher for parents. Founded Bubele, which helps parents get connected to their local communities. Find beta version on the app store currently. Well versed on all things mobile app related. Also used to manage Gerson Lehrman Group's Technology, Media and Telecom business in EMEA. And juggling all as mum of 2 small children!

David E Gillen

Software/app development Dublin, IE
Father of three with a background in software engineering. Active mentor for CoderDojo D15, teaching children to build websites, code, and explore technology.

Alexander Ryu

Software/app development US
I'm a medical student and educational app developer. As a 3rd year medical student at Harvard, I co-founded LifeGuard Games, a company which creates mobile games to help kids stay healthy. I'm inspired to help create a culture of wellness starting from our youngest generations, speaking to them in their native language - games. Our first app will be focused on helping kids with asthma, while our subsequent releases will focus on other health issues.

Andy Russell

Software/app development SF, US
Inspired by the movie BIG and a lifelong obsession with LEGOs, I decided when I was 8 years old that I was going to be a Toy Designer when I grew up. Today, after a few years of school at Northwestern and Stanford and design work at Hasbro and Sony PlayStation, I am a co-founder of a small startup in San Francisco called Launchpad Toys where we create apps that enable kids to create and share stories through play.

Peter Stidwill

Software/app development Cambridge, US
Peter Stidwill creates educational games and digital learning products. He is currently Executive Producer at the Learning Games Network, a non-profit spin-off of the MIT Education Arcade and the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Games+Learning+Society program. He produced the award-winning ethical-thinking game ‘Quandary’, and is currently developing ‘Playful Learning’, an initiative to catalyze the use of game based learning in schools. Peter previously worked at the UK Parliament where he developed the multi award-winning civics games ‘MP For A Week’ and ‘MyUK’, and at the BBC on a range of formal and informal education projects, including the Digital Curriculum (‘BBC Jam’) and Science and Nature Online. Peter holds a B.A. and M.Eng. from Cambridge University (UK), where he created an online science outreach initiative – an extension to his engineering masters dissertation in which he specialized in digital learning.

Isaac D. Van Wesep

Software/app development Cambridge, US
I live near Boston, Massachusetts with my wife and two children. I am also the President and CEO of Design by Educators, Inc., a company focused on turning real, working teachers into software designers through crowd-sourcing and social media. Our first product - designed with help from teachers all over the world - is called Quick Key.

Marta Mozes

Software/app development IL
I am the music community manager at JoyTunes. JoyTunes brings new media solutions, gamification dynamics and audio technology to the vast market of music education. JoyTunes changes the way people learn music, practice playing an instrument and work with a music teacher by transforming musical skills into engaging experiences – activated by playing a regular instrument.

Dom Conlon

Software/app development Manchester, GB
I run Inkology which develops digital toys and games for young children ( Interested in the way children interact with technology and the future relationship between physical and digital products. And ideas. ALWAYS interested in ideas.

Ahesanali Suthar

Software/app development IN
Bachelor in Computer Science with professional experience in web development and software subsystems.2.5 years of experience of web development using PHP technology.Have strong exposure of webdesign uing HTML5,CSS and Jquery

Christine Carlson

Software/app development US
Designer of children's eBooks and eLearning activities with KiteReaders, a publishing platform for high-quality ebooks and apps. Professionally and personally, I'm an advocate for literacy development, particularly among young children. Books are the gateway to the imagination, for children to expand their minds, dream big, and fulfill their potential.

Leif Ullman

Software/app development Denver, US
Mr. Ullman is a technology professional, entrepreneur, avid outdoorsman, and married father of two young children (Liam – 3, Grace -1). He spent nearly 15 years building and managing advanced software systems for the United States Department of Defense and other agencies. After having his own children, Mr. Ullman saw a huge need in the Early Childhood Education space for improving the communication between the teachers and the modern, tech-savvy parent (a rapidly growing demographic). He, along with his business partners, launched KidReports in March of 2012 to address this need. Mr. Ullman holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Colorado, and an MBA from the University of Denver.

Jonathan Lin

Software/app development New York, US
I am a technology industry veteran having worked in product management, business development, strategy, and financial roles in startups, large companies, and venture capital. I am currently Chief Operating Officer and Head of Product at MeeGenius, the fun, easy-to-use library of e-books that parents trust and children love. All of our e-books are available with read-along word highlighting, rich illustrations and optional "read-to-me" narration. The MeeGenius library works across iOS (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch), Android (tablets and phones) and the web – turning anytime into story time for young readers

Lee Probert

Software/app development GB

Aidan Threadgold

Software/app development South East, UK
I'm an 18 year old entrepreneur and currently Director at Nous Education (UK) - a company I co-founded. I'm passionate about listening to what both young people and teachers have to say, so that together we can improve the educational tools available to teachers and the student's quality of education. I'm the main programmer for KidsOkOnline LTD's world famous site - a community created by young people and for young people, to help you safely enjoy Digital Media.

Andrew Kao

Software/app development Sunnyvale, US
I am a co-founder of a studio that focuses on creating quality kid's "toys" for mobile devices and tablets. Our apps have been downloaded over a million times and are played all around the world.

Christine Morton

Software/app development IE
Community manager at StoryToys, a leading developer of interactive books and games for children. StoryToys' aim is to create great apps that children love and parents can trust. A Master's degree in Digital Publishing with a focus on children's apps fueled an interest in gamification in education, all types of edutainment and the development of children's books and games in the digital world.

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