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Our experts - family-therapy

It's hard to know whose opinion to trust, especially when it comes to our kids. So we’ve brought together a rich variety of experts from the worlds of education, gaming, child development, online safety, technology, family therapy and more to add professional knowledge and experience to the conversation.

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Dr. Marc Blackwell Sr

Family therapy Cape Town, ZA
Dr. Marc S. Blackwell, Sr. has been involved in 'Family Counseling" or as a 'parent coach' or 'lifehacker' I have served six congregations as family oriented pastor-counselor in Southern Africa. My interest is in the practical application of historic Christian or Biblical teaching to modern or post-modern families. I am a "lifehacker" encouraging both spiritual and family productivity and efficiency. I have three children and seven grandchildren that "hack" my life and lead me to ask personal questions about non-obvious ways to 'hack' life. I specialize in "socratic" and "tutorial" learning.

Annemarie Naude

Family therapy ZA
Annemarie’s career has spanned academic, corporate and private practitioner fields.​ Her personal statement is that “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”. She is ​actively involved in private practice in Johannesburg, supporting people in finding​ balance, resilience and meaning in life.Additionally she is affiliated to various Employee Assistance Services as a Wellness Consultant and Therapist. Her work focuses on the overall mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of each individual. Annemarié conducts therapy and counselling in both English and Afrikaans

Nellie Phiri

Family therapy Croydon, GB
I am married with four adult children and 1 grandchild. I strongly believe that strong and resilient families are the bedrock of any society. I work with parents to support and help them to communicate effectively with their children, to find time to change and manage challenging behaviour to find time to change challenging behaviour. Since November 2004 I have been working in the National Health Service (NHS), Children, and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) with children, adolescents and families. The focus of my work is helping families who are struggling to manage children who have emotional difficulties and challenging behaviour. I am also a parent Coach and am the owner of Gracefull Coaching In my spare time I enjoy reading, listening to music especially gospel, watching sports on TV and am an avid football follower and this interest is shared by the whole family. I am a Christian who attends church regularly and have found my faith and the support of my church very comforting during difficult and challenging times.

Rosie Dymond

Family therapy Sheffield, GB
I am a wife and mum of two boys (5 and 3) and work for Cavendish Cancer Care Centre in Sheffield using Play Therapy to help children and young people. I'm interested in finding new ways to play and how technology can enhance the experience of play and education. I co-write a blog about my experiences and thoughts about the above and have just become a parent governor of my son's school - interesting times!

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