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Our experts - education

It's hard to know whose opinion to trust, especially when it comes to our kids. So we’ve brought together a rich variety of experts from the worlds of education, gaming, child development, online safety, technology, family therapy and more to add professional knowledge and experience to the conversation.

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Leigh Parlor

Education AU
Leigh Parlor is an Australian based Literacy Consultant who is on a mission to share as much information about learning to read as possible! She is also a Wife, Mum, Classroom Teacher and Literacy Specialist who values the importance of education in our busy world. Leigh started her website ‘The Education Clinic’ to promote literacy development and provide ideas to parents, teachers and early childhood carers. She has a Bachelor Degree in Primary Education and was awarded Level 3 Teacher Status in 2005 which is the highest recognition available to Western Australian Teachers.

Alejandra Peres

Education Lake Forest, US
I am the Founder and President of KidSmarter. I have a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Bachelor of Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I also have a Masters Degree in Economic Development from Boston University and worked at Harvard University as a Research Assistant. I have a strong interest in economic development and education -- these important fields are so closely related. Education is the drive of my start up and the increasing use of mobile devices allows me to be creative in order to promote kids enjoy and love learning through technology. I am a mother of three preteens ages 8 and 11 (twin boys). The academic and emotional well being of my children is the inspiration of my work and I hope to share it with other kids in the world.

Jared Johnson

Education Lexington, US
I have a Masters in Education in Educational Technology and Integration. I have a been a Technology Integration Specialist for 4 years and before that I was a high school Social Studies teacher. I love technology and how it can positively impact student learning when utilized properly. I currently service a 1 to 1 iPad school district in South Carolina.

Paul Vasey

Education SF, US
Taught Business Studies Teacher in the UK for 12 years. Since left the classroom nd moved to the US, to walk the walk after talking the talk. Set up my business Fortune and Venture which is based around Financial Education, Entrepreneurship and Business. Currently generating interest in the US, learning a huge amount about the Education system and being an Entrepreneur.

Chris Sutton

Education Eumundi, AU
I'm a teacher, partner, trainer, photographer, consultant, quilter, educational designer, Mum, cook, writer, Moodler, quilter, Grandma, educator, storyteller, painter ... lots of hats! I live on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland in Australia. Eumundi is a creative, relaxed community in a lovely environment - home to one of the best art, craft, food and fashion markets in the world! I have three sons and my partner has a son and a daughter. Between us we have 10 grandchildren between the ages of 6 and 23, so lots of parenting and grand-parenting experience there! We also have an Old English Sheepdog, called Jedd, who has his own Facebook page. I started in e-Learning in the 1980s, before there was an internet and before there was email. I I don't think any of us realised what an impact that new technology was going to have on our lives. If we had, we may have thought twice. I now have a company, that develops online learning resources and strategies for all sectors of education. I have a passion for authentic e-learning and encourage the development of authentic, blended, learner-centric, teacher supported e-learning that engages, excites and encourages life long learning.

Colin Bridgewater

Education London, GB
After 16 years of teaching middle school English and social studies in New Hampshire and London, I became the middle school technology coordinator at the American School in London in 2008. In addition to helping teachers integrate technology into their classes, I work with students to help them understand their digital citizenship rights and responsibilities, and I offer parent sessions to help them understand the world their children are living in.

Matt Wells

Education AU
Apple Distinguished Educator 2009 Google Certified Teacher 2011 High School Teacher eLearning Coordinator

Shamblesguru Smith

Education TH
Chris Smith [shamblesguru], digital nomad evangelist, TEDx speaker, author, consultant, living in Thailand … has been working mainly with schools in S.E. Asia for more than 25 years. Previously the ICT Advisor for the English School Foundation (ESF) in Hong Kong , Head of their teacher Professional Development Centre and ICT guru. In 2002 he established a consultancy “The Education Project Asia” He's well known by many teachers worldwide for the "Shambles" website,, which he founded in 2002 and manages. In 2007 he established International Schools Island in Second Life (3D online virtual world).

Karina Linch

Education New York, US
SVP of Product Management at BrainPOP. Friend of Moby. Former NYC Public School Teacher. Ed Tech Nerd.

Yehuda Mesinger

Education IL
Teching and Interactive Whitrboards specialist ICT teachers guide.

Chana Kanzen

I am director of Jewish Interactive - a charity dedicated to integrating technology into Jewish education through apps, digital resources and training. We are experts in how to utilise 21st Century technology into schools and offer training for teachers/ parents on a range of skills including iPad workshops, coding, collaboration, blogging and web safety. In addition we produce apps for learning underpinned by a spiral curriculum and educator resources as well as a separate parent and student zone. We also have a 4 kidzbykidz section of our site dedicated to digital creations made by kids for kids with over 200 entries from 4 continents.

Brett Laniosh

Education Catshill, GB
Brett Laniosh is an award winning and independent ICT expert who helps schools reduce their workload by delivering first class support to teachers, pupils and parents. His company Catshill Learning Partnerships ( offers a wide range of school based solutions to establishments seeking to maximise the effective use of ICT and promote online safety . He applies a friendly approach that is jargon free. Brett is an education practitioner with over 30 years of experience working in both the local authority and private sector. He is the founder of Business in Education ( which connects businesses and schools for the benefit of both.

Pamela Salmon

Education New York, US
I am an ESL teacher in a special education school and district (75) in the NYC public schools. I am working on an App that promotes happiness in children ages 6 - 12.

Gaurav Walia

Education Jalandhar, IN
I am a marine engineer with three years of experience and a lot of ideas. I have been helping many home schooled parents as a coach to help improve and motivate them. I have a passion for designing and maintaining tanker and gas ships. I am Born and raised in India. I've studied BS Marine Engineering from BITS, Pilani. I am an official member of the Internation High IQ Society and have started an organization, KATSAG Education, for improving the mental performance of students.

Rhys Froggatt

Education Stroud, GB
A teacher of computer science, ICT, business studies and e-safety at a boys Grammar School in Gloucestershire. Previously a web developer/network manager/ computer engineer.

Laurens Derks

Education AU
For most of his career Laurens has worked in the public education sector in a number of Australian states. Since 2011 he has initiated training opportunities for secondary school teachers as they integrated technology into teaching and learning. His passion is to empower teachers to use innovative, 21st century technologies and practices so that Australian student may be competitive in our global society.

Bob Zenhausern

Education New York, US
I taught neuropsychology and research and analysis for 35 years. I developed a theory of dyslexia that has a simple etiology and an even more simple solution. I am now working to bring education into the 21st Century that flows directly from that research in dyslexia. I have developed a network of African NGOs called Peace Flame which has created the Archive of Social Good, a directory of organizatiions. It can be searched by country, population and mission. ESF is also providing online professional development to schools in emerging countries to prepare their students for the 21st Century.

Mark Rutter

Education AU
Education Professional, Director and Principal Tutor in Mathematics and English Years 3 to 12. Part / time educator of Year 6 students in a technology rich environment. Triathlete Surfer Skier

Phil Altshuler

Education Dade City, US
I have been in education since 1996. Eight years as a special education teacher, nine years as a instructional technology specialist, and now as an information communication technology literacy coach.

Jenny Middleton

Education Brisbane, AU
I am interested in anything that will promote student engagement in lifelong learning and teacher involvement in ensuring this happens. In my role as the Director of Curriculum and Professional Practice, I provide comprehensive professional and collegial support to the Principal, and I contribute to the strong and cohesive team at the educational leadership level. I play a significant role in developing, promoting and resourcing a dynamic learning community, which is willing to embrace the challenges of learning life for the present and the future and I engage diligently in the process.

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