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Our experts - e-safety

It's hard to know whose opinion to trust, especially when it comes to our kids. So we’ve brought together a rich variety of experts from the worlds of education, gaming, child development, online safety, technology, family therapy and more to add professional knowledge and experience to the conversation.

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Barbara Hobbs

E-safety East Kilbride, GB
I have an undergraduate honours degree in Psychology and I am currently working towards my Masters degree in Occupational Psychology. I have previously been an IT consultant for over 10 years, working with some of the world's largest consultancies on a variety of projects around the world. I have also worked in a school as a data manager. I have now set up Technomum, an eSafety consultancy, bringing together my wealth of experience. I am particularly interested in understanding internet use from a psychological standpoint.

Thomas Marriott

E-safety Harlow, Essex
I am a secondary school teacher of ICT and Computer science. I've recently qualified as a E-Safety Officer due to in-depth nature of the online world, including it's threats and dangers. I have spent the last year educating my children, parents, teachers and governors in the school of the dangers on the online world and up-to-date strategies to help them protect themselves and young people around them. I hope to one day to take this further to develop my own training and consultancy firm in E-Safety across schools nationwide.

Jan Clausen

E-safety Moclips, US
I have 25 years of experience in computers and technology. The last 5 years have been focused solely on online and child safety, primarily running the Online Safety team within Microsoft's customer support organization. I am a subject matter expert in child safey legislation and policy development regarding online and child safety operations, and I have a vast network across all aspects of the child safety field including: social media and large technology companies, independent researchers and technologists, child safety advocates, government and non-government agencies driving child safety programs, general council and legal advocates, etc. I have also been involved with a number of non-profit organizations related to Child Safety (online and out in the physical world). Digital Humanity's goals are to 1) help technology companies manage the crossroads of where technology meets humanity, and 2) help non-profits and NGO's such as e National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) with technology outreach, connection and policy.

Chris Puttick

E-safety GB
Co-founder of TwoTen, the company that makes the Internet better for kids (the ones young enough not to mind being called that). Formerly senior IT management professional with 12+ years experience looking after schools ICT and protecting children online.

Ann Marie Christian

E-safety Croydon, GB
I am an independent consultant. I provide safeguarding consultancy to organisations where they have contact with children and young people. I also deliver child protection and safer recruitment training to organisations. I write articles and deliver workshops at national conferences. I recruit and retain social workers in s upholds and provide supervision to to school staff.

Sedgrid Lewis

E-safety Rex, US
Sedgrid Lewis is the founder of Spy Parent LLC. He is an internationally recognized safety expert specializing in surveillance equipment, internet monitoring software, and mobile applications for parents and child care professionals. Sedgrid has been highlighted in over 20 major publications. Sedgrid has been covered by Fox News, CBS News, NBC News, Readwrite, Gizmodo, and many more. He is a contributor to Your Teen Magazine. Sedgrid is also the developer of Bully Block app which is the top anti bullying app on the Android market.

Colin McKeown

E-safety GB
I am a Director of a company that provides Safeguarding Services to the Education Sector in order to help Senior Leaders protect their Stakeholders. We have also developed technology for Parents as they are often the aliens in the Digital World and need help to adapt to the surroundings that children are naturally at home in. As I have worked in the technical arena for over 30 years and for the past 22 within the education sector, my knowledge, combined with being both a parent and grandparent has given me a pretty good insight though I am still learning every day!

Linda Criddle

E-safety Kirkland, US
Linda is a 13-year Microsoft veteran where she was a pioneer in online consumer safety and privacy due to her deep understanding of online predatory behavior, the potential privacy risks in emerging technologies and her ability to create practical, technical, and policy-based solutions. The depth and breadth of Linda’s online safety and privacy expertise is reflected in her numerous patent awards in the areas of emerging technologies and online privacy and safety. Criddle is a tireless consumer advocate whose passion and talent for teaching Internet skills and principles has benefited youth, parents, and educators, law enforcement and corporations. She is the author of the award winning book Look Both Ways: Help Protect Your Family on the Internet, as well as Using the Internet Safely for Seniors For Dummies, and has contributed a chapter to the parenting anthology Courageous Parents; Confident Kids. Criddle has also written and teaches "Internet Safety for Educators," a distance-learning course offered through Universities, and directly through lecture series.

Tito de Morais

E-safety Porto, PT
Author of hundreds of articles on the subject of Internet safety, Tito has participated as a speaker/trainer in hundreds of Internet safety awareness raising and training events. He’s also a member of the Advisory Board of the Portuguese Team of the European Comission funded, EUKidsOnline Project and of the Safer Internet Platform Association. He also seats on the Council of Experts of Do Something Portugal project and was an external project evaluator of "Cyber Training - Taking Action Against Cyberbullying", which was also funded by the European Commission. Among other companies he has provided Internet safety consulting services to companies such as Microsoft Portugal, EasyBits Group, Caixa Mágica, Symantec Portugal, AnubisNetwork and Google Portugal. Tito is considered by the Portuguese media as Portugal’s go-to person as far as Internet safety is concerned. As such, he appears regularly as a special guest speaker on Portuguese TV shows and newscasts, is regularly quoted by Portuguese national and regional newspapers (dailies and weeklies), general and specialized magazines and he’s a featured guest on national and regional radio shows whenever the subject is the online safety of kids and teens.

Vanessa Clark

E-safety ZA
Hi. I'm the co-founder of Mobiflock, a parental control service for smartphones and tablets. I'm happy to answer any questions on how services like Mobiflock work, as well as tips for parents wanting to keep their kids safe online on smartphones and tablets. It's worth pointing out that this is not about ruining anyone's fun, it's about allowing children to have all the amazing benefits of mobile comms, but in a safe environment. I've been working in the mobile world since the olden days - when we used cellphones to make calls :) - and when I am not helping parents keep their kids safe online, I run on Cape Town’s beautiful mountain trails, surf in its icy seas and quaff its world-class wines.

Lucy Tobias

E-safety London, GB
23snaps is a tech startup founded by parents, for parents, to provide web and mobile services that allow them to save photos, videos and updates of their kids to a beautiful and private digital journal. My job is to provide support to the 23snaps community, I also head up our blog that provides expert digital safety advice for families.

Peter Mellow

E-safety Melbourne, AU
I have been teaching University staff about social media (web 2.0) tools and their application in education for many years. I was awarded a national tertiary teaching award (NZ) in 2007 and am passionate about education. Assisting our children to take advantage of the wealth of opportunities on the Internet should be the goal of all parents, however we need to consider their safety at the same time.

Leonie Smith

E-safety AU
Leonie Smith is a Mum of four, Two borrowed, Two she has born, aged between 30yrs and 13yrs old. She also owns 1 husband, 2 cats, and 2 bunnies (the bunnies were a moment of weakness).....She’s been a mum for over 20 years already and when the littlest one leaves school in 5 years..and then goes to uni...she will be too old to enjoy retirement! Leonie was an early adopter of computing and the internet starting in 1995, with her families first purchase of a Personal Computer. She became active on support forums, and became a founding moderator of Aussie Deaf Kids an online support network for parents of deaf children in 2000. Leonie has been using social media before it was even termed that. An oldbie on MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and many other social media spaces since 2006. Leonie Smith is known as "The Cyber Safety Lady" and is a sought after media spokesperson on Cyber Safety. She was a National Ambassadore for the Australian Governments Stay Safe Online Campaign in 2013, promoting safe internet use for all Australians. Leonie gives educational talks to students, educators, parents, and seniors and business. Leonie is well aware of the increasing need for all of us to be aware of privacy online particularly when using social media and online blogging, especially as a mother of 4 children. She has appeared on Australia's 60 minutes, and many other major media outlets in her role as a social media and cyber safety specialist.

Robert Fitzgerald Jr

I am a digital forensics and data security expert. I spend a significant amount of my time either observing and analyzing behaviors online and with electronics or educating and advising legal counsel, business executives, parents, and kids on improving their safety online.

Rob Zidar

E-safety US
I'm one of the founders of ThirdParent. We provide resources for parents and schools focused on safe and responsible internet use. Our school programs include include seminars for parents or students covering safe and responsible internet use. Our program for parents revolves around a confidential audit of teens' and pre teens' public facing internet profiles and activity.

Sarah Pust

E-safety DE
Located in Hamburg, northern Germany, Sarah creates concepts and texts for children. b2b and b2c. Sarah has a journalistic background and worked as an editor and youth protection expert for several big German producers of kids's content. Mother Tongue: German, fluent in English, passive fluent Dutch.

Adam Gross

E-safety US
I am the CEO of a company designed to help students with their online reputation. NetClarify provides your students with more than their average search results to show them how admissions officers and potential employers view them online. I strongly believe that what is written online about an individual is taken very seriously by a decision maker, so it is best to learn what is out there, identify what might be problematic and then improve it where you can. Our software helps your children see early on and at crucial points in their lives what Internet activities are damaging their futures.

Kate Stevenson

E-safety NZ
Kate is the Community Manager for, an online virtual world for children based on creativity and collaboration. With a background in the creative arts and documentary filmmaking, Kate is excited about the potential for mass media to affect positive change. Just as the producers of Sesame Street saw an opportunity for television to be used to improve outcomes for early-childhood learning, Kate sees an opportunity for online community management to not only keep our children safe, but educate and empower this generation of creative thinkers.

Ellen Ferguson

E-safety GB
I'm a digital behaviour expert. Having trained as a teacher, I left the classroom in 2004 to work with Childnet International to explore how the internet was changing the way children and young people communicate, make friends, learn and understand risk. I now work as a freelance adviser and most recently have worked with Moshi Monsters and INSAFE ( a network of European safer internet centres). Away from the internet I spend A LOT of time at soft play with my two year old son and enjoy sneaky coffees with friends and pretending to go the gym.

Tamara Littleton

Tamara founded eModeration in 2002, to share her vision of making the internet a safer place. Her background is in content management, publishing, consultancy and operations; she worked as the Content Delivery Director for Chello Broadband, and managed the Online Operations team at the BBC, where she supported the pioneering BBC online communities team. She has extensive experience in community management, social media, crisis management and child safety, and advised the British Government on moderation of communities.

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