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It's hard to know whose opinion to trust, especially when it comes to our kids. So we’ve brought together a rich variety of experts from the worlds of education, gaming, child development, online safety, technology, family therapy and more to add professional knowledge and experience to the conversation.

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Pat Howe

Learning difficulties and disabilities IE
As a dyslexic, who didn't learn to read or write until my late 20s, I developed a solution that I believe is game changing for people with reading and writing problems. My first student was my daughter, Nichol, who also had severe dyslexia. This year, Nichol was awarded a PhD in micro-molecular physics. I developed my dyslexia solution in one of Ireland's top colleges, Dublin City University. It is now being used extensively in Youth Reach programmes and in Prisons. It is predicated on two key attributes of dyslexia. People with dyslexia have weak short-term or working memory. They also have strong visual skills - they think in pictures or images. My solution teaches and bolsters short-term memory and harnesses visual skills through colour-coded phonetics.

Ava Roberts

Education Sutton, GB
Member of Cambridge Who's Who Head of Faculty for Mathematics, Science and IT Specialties: Specializes in Mathematics and Physics Website developer and software programmer Now Owner and Director of Virtual Tutorials Ltd

Janice Richardson

Senior Advisor at European Schoolnet, and Coordinator of the European Commission’s 30-country wide Insafe (Better Internet) network since it was created in 2004. Previously a teacher, university lecturer, company founder-manager and educational researcher, I have worked in Australia, France, Luxembourg and Belgium. I have a written a number of publications on education, and activity books related to responsible internet use for children of all ages, from toddlers to teens. My team won a Facebook grant for a digital citizenship project, SMILE (social media in learning and education), in 2011, and awarded European Diversity runner-up for the most outstanding use of technology for SMILE in 2103.

Andrew Kao

Software/app development Sunnyvale, US
I am a co-founder of a studio that focuses on creating quality kid's "toys" for mobile devices and tablets. Our apps have been downloaded over a million times and are played all around the world.

Henry Platten

E-safety Hawarden, GB
With more than 9 years experience in successfully resolving social media problems for teachers and parents, and as a parent myself, I am passionate about helping people to develop key skills for the digital age. I have worked with schools across the UK in supporting their entire school, from pupils and parents to staff and heads. I am a former police sergeant, who was so committed to keeping people as safe as possible that I left the police 3 years ago to devote my time to this area 100%. I have also helped the BBC and professional organisations as a social media expert and guest speaker.

Christine Morton

Software/app development IE
Community manager at StoryToys, a leading developer of interactive books and games for children. StoryToys' aim is to create great apps that children love and parents can trust. A Master's degree in Digital Publishing with a focus on children's apps fueled an interest in gamification in education, all types of edutainment and the development of children's books and games in the digital world.

Jodi Russell

Education Perth, AU
I am an experienced Teacher and I am the founder and director of Empowering Teachers Globally. A non profit organisation that works alongside teachers in developing countries.

Yigal Kaminka

Education Tel Aviv, IL
Yigal Kaminka holds a double Masters degree and a third degree in Recorder and Oboe playing from the Karlsruhe University of music in Germany. He won numerous music competitions and is an active oboe soloist both in Europe and Israel, aside from holding the principle oboe position in the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra. In 2010 Yigal co-founded JoyTunes, a startup specializing in novel technological tools for helping music educators and boosting students' motivation to practice.

Harinder K Sraw

Education IN
A dynamic, versatile, performance-driven visionary with over three decades of multifunctional experience in all aspects of education, curriculum-content development, soft skills and behavioral training. I have worked with leading educational institutes and NGOs around the globe. At present am working independently as an education developer, innovator and trainer and associated with a number of leading social and educational institutes. I have extensive experience in setting up educational institutes, revamping operational processes for institutes, developing effective teaching and learning techniques for child development and workforce development. I am an IIMA alumnus holding a certification in Strategic Leadership for Schools, a Master’s degree in English Literature, a Postgraduate Diploma in Guidance and Counselling, a Certification in Sensitization Course on Child Mental Health from National Institute of Public Co-operation and Child Development, New Delhi and a TESOL Certification from American TESOL Institute. I am also a Certified Trainer and Facilitator from Carlton Advanced Management Institute, U.S.A. Simultaneously I have done many courses on spirituality, energy healing, yoga and meditation such as Art of Living (Basic, Advanced, Sri Sri Yoga, Sahaj Yog), Core Empowerment Techniques, Heart Breath Experience, Live Longer and Younger, Emotional Freedom Technique and Ho'oponopono which help in developing a person's life management skills. My areas of expertise include Training and Development, Project and People Management, Manpower Planning and Monitoring, Curriculum-Content Development, Guidance and Counselling, and Institutional Audit. I am associated with a number of social organisations, educational institutes and learning-development companies. I love to spend time with children, read books, go for long walks or drive, write and make friends.

David Jones

Education Bangkok, TH
Deputy Head of an international school with 20 years teaching experience. Having had a previous career in computer engineering I have always had a keen interest in how IT can aid learning. Having been involved in IT in education pretty much from the beginning, I understand many of the issues surrounding technology and learning and feel that we are now at the point where the power and accessibility of portable devices can have huge benefits to young people.

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