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How soon can I travel with my baby?
Emily: My little girl first flew from the UK to Spain when she was three months. I just made sure to feed her when we were ascending and descending. But it ...
Safety 1 week ago
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Emily Chef US
If a homework assignment includes visiting a popular website such as YouTube, how do I make sure my kid stays on task?
Rob Zidar: You should start by having your child use a shared family YouTube account in a central room of the house with Safety Mode turned "on" and comments ...
Safety 2 weeks ago
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Emily Chef US
Is it safe to take a toddler on a camping trip?
Andy Ward: I suspect they will enjoy it far more than you think. We have been camping with ours (3 and 1) a couple of times and they have really enjoyed it - ...
Safety 1 month ago
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Robin Sharma
Robin Sharma Solicitor GB
How can I spot potential dangers for my toddler when away from home?
Britny Gill: Safety really is a huge issue for parents of babies, crawlers, toddlers and pre-schoolers. Stairs, open fires, wood burners and swimming pools are a ...
Safety 1 month ago
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Scott Todd
Scott Todd SEO nerd Belfast, GB
What are the best child safe websites in 2014?
Chris Puttick: That's a surprisingly difficult question to answer in a useful way (sorry!). The nature of our business means we come into contact with lots of great ...
Safety 2 months ago
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Mona Hamaad
Mona Hamaad Sales Consultant GB
What are the biggest risks from the Ebay's hack?
Safety 3 months ago
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Laura Celada
Laura Celada’ Editor Content London, GB
How can people manage multiple passwords online to increase their security?
Anthony Jones: Have a look at (no affiliation). They have a security check that informed me which sites I use may have been effected and ...
Safety 4 months ago
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Laura Celada
Laura Celada’ Editor Content London, GB
How reliable is a baby monitor app that alerts parent when their children cried out?
Pavel Kryl: Hi Laura - to be fair: I am one of Dormi developers - me and my wife are using it for 3 months now. I would like to assure you that it is sensitive ...
Safety 5 months ago
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