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Child Behaviour

Online and real life behaviour, from net etiquette to how to balance screen time with study. The new parenting challenges involving the new generation of IT-literate kids. Among them are the issues of supervising both the physical and online behaviour of kids, encouraging the right online etiquette. In fact, a delicate line exists between achieving the right level of supervision and the risks associated with being an overbearing helicopter parent!

The right level of supervision and other online etiquette challenges

Children benefit from a certain level of privacy and they like to be trusted, but at the same time they can be vulnerable to on and offline risks, so many a parent can have a hard time getting the right balance between openness and being overbearing and annoying. Most child psychology and behaviour management experts recommend finding and maintaining a balance between allowing children access to educational resources and technology on the one hand and ensuring the child’s safety and wellbeing through supervision of online resource on the other, by talking and discussing this openly with other parents, children themselves and taking advice from professionals like teachers and experts.

This can be difficult however, as every child is different and will invariably have different needs at every stage of child development. You may find, as a parent of a child with special educational needs for example Autism Spectrum Disorder, oppositional defiant disorder or challenging behaviour that new apps can assist with. Each child may benefit from using the internet in their own individual way. A child struggling with obesity for example can be taught about healthy eating for kids using IT tools, games and resources, whereas sensitive issues like child abuse can be broached effectively by a child psychologist investigating a child’s wellbeing. Even issues like building awareness of ADHD in children can be tackled using software and IT resources developed for certain audiences, but it can be tricky for any parent coping with special circumstances to know exactly how to support a child through their child development stages. Is allowing unrestricted access to online resources the answer? ‘Definitely not’ is the answer most parents would agree on!

Child behaviour in adolescence

Coping with adolescent children and the issues that crop up surrounding child behaviour in adolescence can be very challenging for a parent, and a parent can actually experience as much frustration as children in the face of challenging behaviour. Collaborating with other parents can help here too though, allowing parents to discern tactics for subtle, age-appropriate communication with children.

Quibly discussions that matter

Everything from dealing effectively with tantrums, media use supervision and bedwetting to learning about challenging behaviour management is being discussed in the Quibly community. Quibly members can voice their queries about child behaviour issues and share their experiences in this community. You can also do your research and use the advice herein from professionals experienced in this wide ranging topic area. Collaborate with other parents and children about their experiences online and see behavioural dangers on and offline that are being identified or experienced.

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The new Gen of consumers are growing up immersed in a digital world,will this need to be replicated in their real worlds in order to engage?
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What is our real choice: to go for a walk with the child or let him or her to play computer games or to watch TV in our free time?
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How to stop my teenager's texting addiction?
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jenna smart York, GB
Coping with Social Communication Disorder!?
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Laura Celada
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