Watch a kid assemble a computer in minutes


Since its launch in 2012, the Raspberry Pi stole our hearts at Quibly, captured our community’s imagination and sparked a renewed love of DIY learning and getting under the bonnet to find out how stuff works.

Eric Schmidt, chairman of Google was so taken with Pis (and so horrified by the lack of computer programming currently being taught) that he donated a barrel load of them to British schools.

Raspberry Pi is now one of the most talked about products on Quibly and one of the most frequently purchased through our store.

Raspberry Pi

£ 42.50


But exactly what is it?

It’s a credit-card sized computer that arrives in its brightly-coloured component parts and can be assembled by a kid. And not ‘assembled by mum or dad while the kid passes them the bits’ but actually assembled from start to finish by a child.

Read the full article on Quibly and watch an 11-year-old assemble one in minutes

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