Why unschooling doesn’t mean uneducated


homework homeschool mum_1000px_SnapseedThere was recently an article in the Daily Mail regarding a mother who ‘unschooled’ her children which had its commenters up in arms over how her children would grow up to be unbalanced, unsocialised, uneducated and unemployable.

Unschooling is not, as the article said, a new concept. It has been around for many years and is simply a way of educating a child by focussing on their interests – or even on what they are interested in today. With no set work, no workbooks to complete, no timetable and nothing planned, this obviously unfathomable method to some allows a child to explore their interests and natural curiosity, and seeing where it takes them.

Unschooling works because it’s so natural. However, it is just one way of home educating a child. Home education has been consistently successful for committed parents and encouraged, inquisitive children because it caters to every need, ability and talent – something schools cannot do.

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Guest post from Tania Sullivan

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