What have the robots ever done for us?


They’ve taken everything we had, not just from us, from our fathers and from our fathers’ fathers. And what have they ever given us in return?


Robotics within food-packing factories, robots to disinfect hospitals and spare a thought for ‘sewer bots’, which are exactly what you think they are, and locate problems in the poop pipes way before their human overlords.

All right, I’ll grant you that sanitation is one thing that the robots have done…

And the roads…

President Obama famously said that ‘a robot can’t build a road’. But they can park cars for us, assemble cars for us and help test car safety features for us.

Well, yes, obviously the roads… the roads go without saying. But apart from the sanitation and the roads…

Medicine… Education… Health…

Robots dispense and track medicine faster and cheaper while improving nurse efficiency and satisfaction, robot scientists research new medicines and tiny nanobots are on course to perform surgeries. Next we’ll be saying doctors could soon be strapping on a robot arm and performing surgeries with it! No, we won’t. Because doctors can already do that.

In education, inspiring studies have found huge benefits for Autistic kids being taught by a robot teacher, LEGO Mindstorms has set STEM teaching ablaze and research robots have been shown to accelerate academic lab work.

In public health, robot cleaners are already here (for your home too) but so too are robot rescue teams. In fact, search and rescue robots have been widely deployed in building collapses and natural disasters since 9/11.

All right… all right… but apart from better sanitation and medicine and education and public health and roads… what have the robots done for us?

Brought peace!

For a peaceful Christmas and New Year (sorry, we know that’s a bit tenuous, but we made almost everything else fit…) here are the very best robot toys to get your kids excited and prepared for a future enhanced by robotics:

Four awesome robot toys your kids will love  

1. WowWee RoboMe

Playing games and texting is all well and good, but there’s so much more you can do with your iPhone. Like, say, use it as the interactive face of a mini robot pal! A MINI ROBOT IN YOUR POCKET!


£ 69.29


2. LEGO Mindstorms

LEGO’s line of buildable, programmable robots are the perfect way of getting kids into engineering via those crazy colourful blocks they already know and love. Prices vary across different sets

Lego Mindstyorms

£ 235.00

3. Sphero 2.0

Controlled via a smartphone or tablet, the Sphero is a sphere(duh)-shaped toy that teaches kids the basics of programming with a immediate, real world effect.


£ 114.90


4. Cubelets

Imagine if you could build things out of Lego that would turn into smart, animate robot creations without the need for wires or programming. You just imagined a Cubelet.

cubelets 500

£ 167.95



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With thanks to Monty Python. Obviously.

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