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Our team has a rich and varied background, from huge community websites, newspapers, ecommerce and award-winning design right through to hand-scrubbing power stations. A shared desire to create a truly fascinating and empowering website for parents (plus a love of learning and innovation) pulls together this bunch of enthusiastic people…

If you’re interested in joining the team, or contributing to editorial content, please send in your CV and tell us what you could offer and why you would fit right in.

Francesco Cardoletti

Francesco is managing director of and is responsible for bringing the entire project to life. Although Italian, Francesco spent the last 17 years in New York, where he co-founded APART North America/ and introduced the APART brand to the US market. He is still adjusting to the London weather.

Francesco on LinkedIn

Holly Seddon

Holly is editor-in-chief of, responsible for commissioning the editorial articles, sourcing expert writers, writing content and encouraging new members to the site. Before, Holly worked for NBC Universal, News International and DMGT, as well as freelance writing for a wide range of publications. Mother to three children (and nearly a farm’s worth of pets), Holly’s looking forward to tapping into the collective wisdom of experts and parents. When she’s not working, she’s happiest with her hands in mud or around a glass of G&T.

Holly on LinkedIn

Olivier Bufalini

Olivier works on the development side for and before this, worked on other web projects including and While volunteering in Cambodia for six months, Olivier had the opportunity to eat spider, bugs and turtle… but managed to resist. When he’s not working or avoiding bugs, Olivier spends time with his friends and family and cycles up nearby mountains.

Olivier on LinkedIn

Garry Hill

Garry is the mastermind of Spontaneous, our very cool and fast CMS system, which makes our content management very easy. In his spare time, between winning BAFTA awards (for his collaboration with AudioROM on ShiftControl) and developing KitMonsters, he is getting ready to become a first time dad  – convenient timing!

Chanda Gohrani

Chanda is’s social media manager, which means she gets paid to hang out on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest all day (which is actually a lot of hard work, honestly!). Before joining, Chanda worked full time in India before spending the last year vacationing in the Caribbean. She has had too many internet-is-crazy-awesome-moments to count. Recently she finally managed to make her mum love technology too, but wishes had been around to make that job easier. When she’s not working, she loves exploring London town on foot.

Chanda on Linkedin

Tom Baker

Tom is’s editorial intern, helping Holly to research, edit and compile editorial articles, whilst also contributing to this blog. If he didn’t work from home, he’d probably be in charge of making the coffee, too. He’s excited about the prospect of a site for tech-savvy parents, having spent a childhood being told by his Mum to get off that Sega Megadrive and get some fresh air, followed by an adolescence spent being told by his Mum to get off that Sonic the Hedgehog message board and talk to people in real life. In his spare time he writes about music. And he’s heard all of the Dr Who jokes.

Tom on Linkedin


We have pulled together a wonderful collection of expert contributors and journalists from across the UK and US, and we’re always interested in hearing from talented writers and experts on any subject of interest to smart parents. If you would like to find out about writing opportunities with, please get in touch.

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