What we learned this week #73


Well lookie here, if it isn’t the first ‘what we learned this week’ of 2014! I figured after our bumper end-of-the-year edition – plus y’know Christmas and stuff – you lot could use a bit of a break, but we’re back for good now. And we’ve already learned a lot! (Any suggestions that ‘dry January’ has any connection to the production, or lack thereof, of these posts is not only insulting but libellous, so. Watch it. And pass me that bottle opener.)

No TV in the morning! Little boy watching cinema on TV_1000_Snapseed-883_378

Kelly Rose Bradford agrees with David Cameron:

‘I have never allowed my son to watch TV in the morning, and it has always surprised me the number of his peers who do…How can a calm, relaxed morning routine – which is surely what we should all strive for on a school day – be achieved if the hour or so before entering the classroom has been spent in the company of shouty, brightly coloured, frenetic kids’ presenters?’

Maybe don’t spy on your kids’ Facebook!

That’s the consensous after a worried parent asked how to keep track of their son’s social media. As Chris Puttick warned:

‘Monitoring in this case is spying, no matter how you as a parent feel about it; it looks like spying to your child and if (when) they find out it will eliminate trust from your relationship, with potentially disastrous consequences for your son.’

Tiger Mom got a raw deal!

Matt Thrower pushes our big fat guilt buttons, with reference to the controversial ‘Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother’:

‘Because, let’s face it, most of us do mollycoddle our children. Whether we’re motivated by guilt due to long working hours, a lack of time for persuading recalcitrant kids, or a belief that childhood is a time for play, we’ve stopped teaching our kids that there are times when you just have to knuckle under and do important things that you may not fancy doing.’


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