What we learned this week #71


Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? Why, it must be an early present, because it’s a new what we learned this week blog post, replete with festive advice from our experts! Or it might be Santa. We’ll soon see.

Leave big presents until the new year! Santa claus iPad

Don’t worry, we’re not coming over all Scrooge-like, it’s just the idea of saving some pennies by picking up presents in the January sales makes sense to Kelly Rose Bradford

‘I most definitely think we should wait for the January sales to buy big presents for our kids (and everyone else in fact!) because in these financially stretched times it makes total sense. Plus, I absolutely hate the feeling of being taken for an idiot by retailers in the run up to Christmas, with their inflated prices and sneaky tricks to make me either buy stuff I don’t really want, or make me believe that I am getting a bargain.

‘The trouble is other people’s expectations. Although most friends and family agree that it would be good to wait for the sales, very few are actually brave enough to do so. We all have a collective moan about how much Christmas is costing us every year, but do very little to actually keep the prices down.’

Tech pets could teach empathy!

Remember – a Tamagotchi is for life, not just for Christmas. Joanne Mallon reckons Tekstas and the like could be good alternatives to real pets.

‘Having a pet is generally regarded as being a good way to teach your child empathy. How a child behaves around a pet is a slice of how they are with everybody. Do they treat their pet with kindness or aggressiveness? Do they rise to the challenge of responsibility or go off the idea of scooping poop pretty quickly?

‘So with tech pets, where no poop scooping is required, can children learn the same lessons? Would we be better investing in a real goldfish and tank rather than the tech version?

‘However, a robotic pet will only respond as it has been programmed to do so. So there may be a certain amount of empathy developing, but is it genuine? Can you make an emotional connection with a lump of plastic? Well I guess if we look at how children connect with their toys then the answer could be yes.’


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