Eight 2014 predictions you can bet the house on


If 2013 is anything to go by, the speed at which 2014 hits us is directly proportional to the amount of time left, multiplied by the level of work to get through, divided by the length of your holiday. In short, it’s probably already 2014 and none of us have caught up to the idea yet. Tamsin Oxford tells us what can we expect from this even-numbered year…

1. You will be inundated with completely contradictory research every two to three weeks

In November I discovered that violent video games make my kids smarter and that by playing video games with them I was encouraging them to be far more stable than their non-gaming counterparts. Then, in a shocking twist that had me weep for my misguided ways I uncovered how I had damaged their spines, increased their levels of aggression and transformed them into dishonest little monsters.

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